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Below are the most frequently asked questions that we answer daily. If you have another question that is not addressed, please reach out to info@norman-spencer.com. We will respond in less than 24 hours. 

Agents & Brokers

How do I submit an application?

You can submit application directly to the respective program underwriter by locating their contact information listing on the respective program page on the website. Or you can submit to our marketing department (DavidGeorge@Norman-Spencer.com)

What are your submission requirements?

Submission requirements vary by program, please reference our Submission Requirements page.

How do I become an appointed agent?

We require your agency has an active agency insurance license, an active E&O policy with at least a $2,000,000 aggregate limit, and acceptable agency profile as per the info collected on the Agency Marketing Agreement.

Are there any premium volume commitments or fees to become appointed?


If I have multiple offices, do I need a separate agreement for each location?

If all locations have the same FEIN and you would like to appoint multiple offices, just complete the location addendum and submit with the completed Agency Marketing Agreement.  If each location has a separate FEIN, then we would need a separate agreement for each location.

How do I submit an endorsement request on my policy?

Endorsement requests should be sent directly to your Norman-Spencer Underwriter who quoted the account for you or your assigned Norman-Spencer Account Executive.

Do I need to provide an agent number or agency code with my submission?

No.  Submissions are logged and cleared based on the agency name listed on the respective application.

How are Surplus Lines Filings handled?

Norman-Spencer is a nationally appointed E&S Broker, so we can handle the filings.  However, if your agency prefers to handle, please let your underwriter know.  Your respective underwriter will detail the additional taxes, fees and forms required on each individual account to comply.

How do I obtain copies of loss runs on a policy I wrote with Norman-Spencer?

Requests for loss runs should be sent to the respective program underwriter directly and they can facilitate for you.

Does Norman-Spencer accept Broker of Record letters?

Yes.  The majority of our Programs and Markets will accept Broker of Record (BOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) letters from the insured, subject to the respective rescinding period rules.  Please direct any questions to the program underwriter.

Are Norman-Spencer programs written on Admitted or Non-admitted paper?

Both.  The majority of our Programs are admitted, but we also serve as a licensed E&S Broker with multiple non-admitted carrier and policy options.


Who do I contact with a billing or accounting question?

Best place to start would be with the Norman-Spencer underwriter you worked with, or your dedicated Norman-Spencer Account Executive.  Or you can always reach our accounting department any time at by calling 800-543-3248 x5011.

Are you a wholesaler or an MGA?

We’re both.  We administer several proprietary programs and have relationships with dozens and dozens of other carriers that can insure all other types of business.

Where is Norman-Spencer located?

Our main office is located in Dayton, Ohio with additional locations in Cincinnati, OH and Scottsdale, AZ. Full contact info for each office, visit our contact page.

How long have you been in business?

Norman-Spencer was formed in 1988 through the purchase of the Hiatt Agency. See the full history!

What is it like to work at Norman-Spencer

We have a culture of caring that is demonstrated daily. Our organization operates in industry-specific teams that function in a manner designed to exceed our clients expectations. When it’s the end of the day, it’s common to see a heated game of ping pong being played and a crew gathered by the fridge.